The Low Drift

The Low Drift
The Low Drift make music drawn from the landscape and formed from memories and myths. Their work comes from walking, feet on soil, feet on concrete. The rhythms and sounds of walking seeps into their work.

But these songs of landscapes aren’t necessarily pastoral. This is work about standing stones, rotting tree stumps, power station cooling towers and pylons. This is music that invokes the vivid colour and sheer terror of childhood landscapes, as filtered through adult memory. These songs speak of abandoned industry, communities left to rot and something dark and timeless buried deep in the soil.

The forthcoming album contains elements of field recording but is very much a studio based work inspired by fieldwork and walks. In assembling this collection of songs they have sought guidance from two prominent psychogeographers and walking artists – Dr. Morag Rose and Jane Samuels.

As of lockdown 2020 The Low Drift are near to completing an album and are currently looking for record labels interested in collaborating on releasing this unusual and interesting music into the world.

Listen – sampler 

Who are The Low Drift?

The Low Drift is part collaboration and part experiment between three old friends, each an accomplished musician in their own right.

Huw Costin writes and performs with his band Torn Sail. His debut solo album – Regrets – found it’s way into the NME Yearbook as a top 10 album and he has worked with Mark Lanegan, Michael Chapman and Smith & Mudd.

E.R Thorpe has shaped her own evocative sound. Sometimes wilfully naive, sometimes considered and precise, Emma is an instigator – whether it’s setting up a Songwriters Collective or championing live music in her community.

Matt Hill is a storytelling folk/Americana songwriter. He’s had radio play on BBC6 Music, has played Glastonbury and was songwriter in residence at Manchester’s People’s History Museum.